Professor Thomas Weinacht
Stony Brook University Department of Physics and Astronomy
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Ultrafast spectroscopy and coherent control

Group Theses

PhD Theses

Student Thesis Title
May 2021
Yusong Liu
Combining Spectroscopic and Structural Probes of Molecular Dynamics
August 2018
Spencer Horton
Photoionization as a Probe of Ultrafast Molecular Dynamics
August 2017
Arthur Zhao
Ionic Dynamics in Molecular Strong Field Ionization
January 2016
Péter Sándor
Molecular Strong Field Molecular Ionization Viewed with Photoelectron Velocity Map Imaging
February 2013
Dominik Geissler
Applications of Ultrfast Pulse Shaping to Molecular Control and Strong Field Ionization
May 2012
Marija Kotur
Strong Field Ionization as a Probe of Molecular Dynamics and Structure
January 2012
Chien-Hung Tseng
Ultrafast Coherent Control Spectroscopy
August 2010
Stephen D. Clow
Strong Field Control of Multilevel Quantum Systems
December 2008
Sarah R. Nichols
Strong Field Dynamics and Control of Molecular Dissociation
August 2007
Carlos A. Trallero
Strong Field Coherent Control
June 2006
David M. Cardoza
Understanding and Applying Learning Control to Molecular Fragmentation

Master's Theses

Student Thesis Title
August 2008
Uvo Holscher
Coherent Probes of Strong Field Atomic Dynamics
August 2007
Dominik Geissler
Concerted Elimination of Cl+2 from CCl4 and of I+2 from CH2I2 Driven by Intense Ultrafast Laser Pulses
May 2006
Jay Brown
Design and Construction of System for Sub-20fs Pulses through Self-Phase Modulation
December 2005
Daniel Flickinger
Design and Construction of System for Ultrafast Ultraviolet-Blue Pump-Probe Exposure of Biological Samples
August 2004
Florian Langhojer
Toward Understanding Closed Loop Learning Control: The Importance of Basis in Searching the Phase Space
May 2003
Patrick Nurnberger
Design and Construction of an Apparatus for the Neutral Dissociation and Ionization of Molecules in an Intense Laser Field

Undergrad Senior Theses

Nov 2015
Rachel Sampson
A Fast Centroiding Algorithm for Use in Data Analysis in Ultrafst Pulsed Laser Measurements
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