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Ultrafast spectroscopy and coherent control

PHY 132: Classical Physics II

Spring 2017

Professor Thomas Weinacht - A-102 - (28163) - Thomas 'dot' Weinacht 'at'
Monday Wednesday Friday 10:00-11:50
Office Hourse: Wed 12:00-1:00pm

Teaching Assistants:
Giulia Bertino
Grant Richmond

Electric Fields and Forces
Electric Potential
DC Circuits
Capacitance and Dielectrics
Magnetic Fields
Ampere's and Biot Savart Law
Induction and Faraday's Law
AC circuits
Maxwell's equations and EM Waves
Reflection Refraction
Lenses and Optical Instruments

Physics for Scientists and Engineers (Fourth Edition) Douglas Giancoli

Homework - 20%
Midterm I - 15%
Midterm II - 15&%
Laboratory Work - 20%
Final Exam - 30%

The problem sets will be on Mastering Physics amd are due on Tuesdays at 11:59 pm

The laboratory work will consist of 9 labs. All labs will be graded in class. In addition, you will need to write formal reports for three of the labs and submit those according to the schedule below.

Class Schedule
Week StartingTopic HW & Lab Book Monday Wednesday Friday
Jan 23Electric Fields and ForcesNone Ch 21L01 L02 L03
Jan 30Electric Potential & Gauss' LawHW #1Ch 22,23L04L05Lab1: E Field Plotting
Feb 6DC CircuitsHW #2Ch 25,26L06L07Lab 2:Circuits
Feb 13Capacitance & DielectricsHW #3Ch 24L08L09Lab 3:Capacitance
Feb 20magnetic FieldsHW #4Ch 27L10L11Lab 4:Magnetic Force
Feb 27Ampere's & Biot Savart LawsLab Report #1Ch 28L12L13 Midtern I
Mar 6Induction & Faraday's LawHW #5Ch 29L14L15Lab 5:Faraday's Law
Mar 13Spring Break---------------
Mar 20AC CircuitsHW #6Ch 30L16L17Lab 6:RLC Circuits
Mar 27Maxwell's Eqns & EM WavesHW #7Ch 31L18L19 No Lab: Recitation
Apr 3Reflection & RefractionLab Report #2Ch 32L20L21Midterm II
Apr 10Lenses & Optical InstHW #8Ch 33L22L23Lab 8:e/m of electron
Apr 17InterferenceHW #9Ch 34L24L25Lab 9:Lenses
Apr 24DiffractionHW #10Ch 35L26L27Lab 10:Diffraction/Electric Motor
May 1ReviewLab Report #3ReviewReviewReviewReview

SPECIAL NEEDS: If you have a physical, psychological, medical or learning disability that may impact your course work, please contact Disability Support Services, ECC (Educational Communications Center) Building, room 128, (631) 632-6748. They will determine with you what accommodations are necessary and appropriate. All information and documentation is confidential. Students requiring emergency evacuation are encouraged to discuss their needs with their professors and Disability Support Services. For procedures and information, go to the following website:
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