Professor Thomas Weinacht
Stony Brook University Department of Physics and Astronomy
Main Lab Telephone: (631) 632-4906
Department Fax: (631) 632-8176
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the Weinacht group
Ultrafast spectroscopy and coherent control


PHY 132 Studio Spring 2017

Classical Physics II: Introduction to electricity and magnetism.

PHY 566 Fall 2019

Quantum Electronics II. Quantum Dynamics. Topics include atomic and molecular structure, light matter interaction, wave packets, adiabatic dynamics, strong field dynamics, time resolved spectroscopy and quantum control.

PHY 300 Fall 2018

The physics of oscillations and waves, from mechanical waves to light waves to electron waves. Topics include resonance and normal modes of coupled oscillators, the wave equation and wave propagation, interference and diffraction, polarization and imaging, coherence, and lasers. Three lecture hours and one three-hour laboratory per week.

PHY 452/562 Fall 2012

Introduction to the theory of lasers using elementary quantum mechanics. It includes a study of resonance conditions, normal modes, and optical cavities; a description of the various types of lasers, their methods of control and their limitations; and an introduction to their applications to research, medicine, communication, and computing.

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