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Stony Brook University Department of Physics and Astronomy
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Ultrafast spectroscopy and coherent control

News and Update

  • Collaboration with Rolles' Labs(KSU,Department of Physics)

    Posted on Jul. 31st 2018

    Anbu Venkatachalam came to Stony Brook working in Weinacht Lab.

  • New Group Paper Published

    Posted on Apr. 17th 2018

    "Quadruple coincidence measurement of electron correlation in strong-field molecular double ionization" Arthur Zhao, Chuan Cheng, Spiridoula Matsika, and Thomas Weinacht Phys. Rev. A 97, 043412l (2018)
  • New Group Photo

    Posted on Jan.30th 2018

    Weinacht group members in year 2017 and 2018. Taken on Jan 23rd 2018.

  • Martin G. Cohen's 80th Birthday Party with Whole AMO Groups in Stony Brook

    Posted on Jan.22th 2018

    Professors and students from all AMO groups in Stony Brook celebrate, our best friend and visting scholar, Dr. Martin Cohen's 80th birthday.

  • Collaboration with Kumarappan and Rolles' Labs(KSU,Department of Physics)

    Posted on Jan. 20th 2018

    Chuan Chen went to KSU working with Prof.Kumarappan and Rolles and their students on Tpx3Cam.

  • New Group Paper Published

    Posted on Nov. 15th 2017

    "Coincidence velocity map imaging using Tpx3Cam, a time stamping optical camera with 1.5 ns time resolution" Arthur Zhao, Martin van Beuzekom, Bram Bouwens, Dmitry Byelov, Irakli Chakaberia, Chuan Cheng, Erik Maddox, Andrei Nomerotski, Peter Svihra, Jan Visser, Vaclav Vrba, and Thomas Weinacht Review of Scientific Instrument 88,113104 (2017)
  • Collaboration with NRC on UV and VUV Experiments

    Posted on Oct. 28th 2017

  • New Tpx3 Camera arrives

    Posted on Oct. 25th 2017

  • Arthur Zhao's PhD Thesis Defense. Congratulations to Arthur!!!

    Posted on Jun. 21st 2017

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